Compilation 2015​/​2016

by One Room Records

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In the world of the music industry, experience is the key to everything. Yet opportunities to obtain the needed experience have a tendency to be few and far between. To circumvent this limitation, we decided to create our own record label based out of Wyatt’s dorm room, in order to experience what working on a project such as this would be like in the real world.

While it was definitely a learning process, and had it’s ups and downs, we treated it as if it were a true record label, and sought to showcase the various styles of music which our peers performed. These genres included styles such as rap, folk, blues, fingerpicking, and more. While all of our performers were outstanding in their own right, we unfortunately missed out on a lot of great talent due to conflicting schedules and time constraints. This was one of the things which we found most eye-opening to the nature of running a recording studio and record label.

While we were dealing with fellow classmates, one could only imagine the logistical nightmare many record labels face when trying to get multiple world-class performers in at the same time. Overall we hope that our brief time managing a record label and the resulting album which we produced will help prepare us for our respective futures in the world of audio entertainment.


released April 22, 2016

Recorded @ One Room Records
Produced by: Matt Brown
Engineered by: Wyatt Avery
Mixed & Mastered by: Wyatt Avery & Matt Brown




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